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Carolina Dive & Rescue was founded as the York County Emergency Response Team in June 1988 to provide a better process of  recovering drowning victims from the previous way which was dragging the bottom with hooks.  Six concerned citizens formed the team using a $10,000.00 grant to purchase the necessary equipment for dive operations.


Under the direction of the York County office of Emergency Management, the team responded to emergencies ranging from airplanes landing with faulty landing gear, standing by for air shows, recovering underwater evidence for law enforcement, searching for missing persons, rescues of  people in flooded neighborhoods and searching for drowning victims.  Throughout the years our team transitioned to focus solely on water rescue.  In 2013, we changed the name of the team from York County Emergency Response Team to Carolina Dive & Rescue to better reflect our changing mission.  

Our team is completely staffed by volunteers that live in and around York County.  Not all of our members are rescuers, our support members ensure that our team continues to function day to day.  


Carolina Dive & Rescue provides highly trained technicians to respond to any type of water related emergencies including search and recovery of drowning victims, swift water search and rescue, low angle rope rescue and searching for missing persons.  Our members continue to train and prepare for any emergency situation that may arise within our coverage area.

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